2007 Telluride, Colorado Bridal Veil Falls

Ken Bailey has developed a successful career by combining two great loves: the outdoors and filmmaking. His work has been honored with numerous national and international awards, including a Cine Golden Eagle, Chris Awards, and WorldFest—Houston International Film Festival Awards. Drawing on an impressive 360° range of skills, including directing, producing, cinematography, and editing, Ken tells stories with innovative visuals that defy gravity, endurance, and reasonable explanation. He is experienced at working in a variety of harsh conditions, shooting in IMAX, 35mm, and video, and in 2000, he created one of the top five motion picture shots in the world. From locations as diverse as Mount Everest, the Amazon River Basin, Northern Siberia, and New York City, he produces films with social, cultural, environmental, and exploratory content. His style and subjects are eclectic and extreme, reflecting three decades of passionate insistence on capturing the unexpected and beautiful. Ken Bailey is a dedicated filmmaker, who has recently committed his talents to Werc Werk Works.

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